Here we try and answer the most common, simple questions for you.

Question. why isn't my Anime episode up yet?
Answer. japan is a busy country constantly being attacked by weebs and sea monsters, it gets delayed sometimes.

Question. When will be the movie that came out/i requested be uploaded?
Answer. Movie will be uploaded when Bluray of that movie comes out.

Question. An Anime I want on the site isn't there, why not?
Answer. Have you tried using the searchbar..? if you have why not suggest it in discord's request channel.

Question. Can i link to something?
Answer. I don't know, does it break any of the rules, if it doesn't, uh sure..?

Question. Behefits of being a donator and how to get 'em!
Answer. First of all, you should join discord server and connect your patreon with discord. After that private message wolfwood on discord with the username and email that you used while registering on a2zanime. You should also recieve that sweet ass green donator role on discord.

Question. Are there any more FAQ's?
Answer. yes probably, we don't really know till we cringe after answering them for the 200th time