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1st goal reached - 150 Dollar Donation
Hi you guy's should be fucking proud, as if not for these donations a2zanime would not exist. we have reached 150 dollar which is need to make site stable and keep running without ads. Seriously, i wouldn't be able to come this far without you guy's!
2nd goal - 300 Dollar Donation
As you guy's already know that i'm not hosting my own videos because i'm not able to afford it on my own and only show videos without any type of ads by removing it from 3rd party video providers like xstream, rapid video and gounlimted etc. but that's only working for 70% of videos so i'm planning to host my own video to removed ads 100% and add more features like play next, mark watched etc so if you guy's want to have those thing on a2zanime please hlep us reach 2nd goal too.
Information about why we need donation
The service costs a lot of money to run and we don't make money from advertisements as we do not have advertisements. We would appreciate it if you guys could help us out so we can keep running ad-free!
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